There are five different design phases of architectural used mostly. These designs are used several times which includes schematic design, design development, construction documents and the construction administration. These faces are also known as breakdowns and how Architects define all these design services. These are the steps of an architect’s role in design. As well, you can consider all these faces of designs of which used step by step.

Why all these architecture designs since are required? In order to construct any building the and home projector, these designs are mandatory. As well it is mentioned to start working on these architectural designs. When you want to know about all these different faces of architecture design then you can get all the information through internet. Make sure, you do some healthy search to find the best architectural designs. Don’t be worried and get better architectural designs which mostly used.

Pre-design phase

Pre-design phase

It is a general term that provides all the information to start the design of building. As well, the researcher goes on different parts of the architect. Additionally, you can serve the land and analyze all the sites of Pre-design. With no doubts, you have to check all the factors of where you want to work on the building. It includes some task of which is site analyzing, project scope, project goals, building program, project budgeting, project schedule, selection of project team, zoning analysis. All these things are required to work on the 5 different faces of architecture design.

You have to hire the professional architecture that is able to work on the pre-design process efficiently. The free designing is important to lead Overall advantages to the building development.

Schematic design

It is the first phase of the design. In this design process, the architect works approximately 15%. Therefore, Architects work on the entire project. In this project, the percentage can fluctuate. The architect and owner both decide the project and work on the requirements. All the requirements are provided by the owner. The architecture does well Research and analyzes overall property. It is good to develop proper site when the architect analysis well. The programming is one of the best parts of schematic design process. In this process, the architect establishes the location, size and relationship amongst all the spaces.

Once the project is locked down then architecture provides all the drawings to the client. The architect and owner both will agree to proceed the work. If the owner is not satisfied with the design, they will work on next phase of design development.

Development of design

Development of design

What are the 5 faces of the architectural design process? As well, you can consider the right information about this design. It consumes more than 20% fees and Architects’ work. In the design development process, the architect and owner work together. Even, they work on the interior finishing and the products as well which includes doors, appliances, fixtures, Windows. They worked together for the design development of the site. Even, they work efficiently and set a diagram to recognize all the things closely.

Document construction

The construction of document is one of the biggest phases of architectural design work. It actually consumes 40% of architect work and fees. All the percentage depends on overall project. In the construction document, the engineers finalize all the designs. As well, they also include structural engineering which includes heating air conditioning, ventilation systems, electrical gas, energy calculations, plumbing and all other works.


The bidding process is self-explanatory. At this time, the owner and prepare the selection of contractors and sign the contract to proceed with the construction. Typically, it will get the 5% architectures time and Fees. There are multiple contractors submit their job contracts and professional contractor hires. The architect role will lead all the work perfectly and the professional architect supervises all the progress of project. You don’t need to wait to get all the construction documents and it is completed under the price as well by professional Architects.

Administration construction

Administration construction

The construction administration face is the final phase of architectural services. As well, it is the longest phase of architects’ work. On the entire project, the architectural does not supervise the whole construction. Periodically architecture visits the job and sees the site progress. They will discuss all the plans with contractor and ensure the following plans. If it requires then architect can review the contractor’s monthly invoice to see the work completed. The architecture will is able to answer all the questions and provide additional information.

Do you want to know the 5 phases of the architectural design process? You can know about the 5 phases of the architectural design process. In order to consume the information, you can know about the project through different forms. All of these faces are accepted universally. The architect should be able to see the fee structure and explain all the additional facts.